“During our trip to Peru, the Ambassador program showed me what it truly meant to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  We spent each one of our days in Peru pouring Jesus’ love into both kids and adults from so many different communities. Although we didn’t always speak the same language or grow up in the same culture as the Peruvians, we were continuously able to connect through one common thing– the love for soccer. As we played games and ran clinics all over Peru, we were able to empower women and shine the light of Jesus into places, homes and people that had never heard the gospel. My favorite memory from this trip was going to a small town, finding a dirt field, throwing out a soccer ball, and watching all of the children come running out to play. After we played for a while, we were able to take all of the children to the local church for water and snacks, but most importantly to talk to them about Jesus! It was incredible to be able to connect these children with their local church, a safe place, and a life-saving opportunity. Thank you, Cleveland Ambassadors, for letting me help build the Lord’s kingdom with all of you!”
Brittany Basinger

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