Mission / Vision / Values

Our mission for Ambassadors Cleveland is to provide opportunities for high-level women soccer players to use their God-given talents as a tool to serve and play football with a bigger purpose of sharing the good news of Jesus to all people. The team is unique for each season, game, and tour, painting a beautiful picture of the body of Christ coming together as ONE. God has opened doors to use this team & a diverse multitude of players to serve in other countries through tours, while also impacting the youth and community in Cleveland.

Our vision for Ambassadors Cleveland is to develop young players with community outreach, build up elite players to step into their calling and impact the lives of others through global and indigenous football outreach, and to make disciples of all nations by sharing about the love and hope that is found in Jesus. We seek for his Kingdom to be multiplied and that everything we do would be built on the foundation of our faith in Christ. Our prayer is that God would change the future lives of others for eternity through football.

The values of Ambassadors Cleveland –

Soccer: We participate in football at all levels with passion, excellence, and respect

Church: We uphold the long-term, transformative role of the Church in the world

Team: We identify and collaborate with others in the pursuit of shared goals

Service: We follow the example of Jesus by leading through service and prioritizing the marginalized

Innovation: Visionary spirit of looking to develop something new, take risks, and to be pioneers who step out in faith.