Cleveland Ambassadors announces partnership with Rothenbuhler Cheesemakers

Cleveland Ambassadors has announced its official partnership with Rothenbuhler Cheesemakers, formerly Middlefield Cheese, for the 2016 season. Rothenbuler Cheesemakers’ logo will be displayed on Cleveland Ambassadors’ kit. 

“We are excited to partner with Rothenbuhler Cheesemakers this year because of what they represent as an organization and the impact they have made in the northeast Ohio community,” said head coach Caleb Fortune.

“[Partnering with Cleveland Ambassadors] is a good way for us to promote brand awareness during our recent rebranding, while also supporting positive female role-models in our community,” said Hans Rothenbuhler, CEO of Rothenbuhler Cheesemakers. “We want the team to excel in their division and promote women’s soccer participation within the community.”

Rothenbuhler Cheesemakers’ logo displays three red mountains above the company’s name in black block text. 

“The modern red logo reflects our name and pays tribute to our founder, who was from Switzerland,” said Rothenbuhler. “The logo’s three major mountain peaks represent our values: God, people and quality.”

The logo will be displayed on the front of Cleveland Ambassadors’ training and game kits, as well as throughout the stadium during home games.




Cleveland Homecoming – Meet The Captains

Kori Chapic and Ashley Meier are two of Cleveland’s finest soccer players.  Between them they started 178 out of 182 appearances over their 4 years at Penn State & Virginia Tech, two powerhouses of NCAA D1 women’s soccer.  Both players have been called up to the youth National teams, in college they have scored over 40 goals and have 28 assists between them.  While you could write a book on their achievements and accomplishments we are excited to announce them as captains for the team because of their leadership qualities.

Coach Caleb Fortune shared his views on the players:

“Within 5 minutes of Kori arriving at the first practice, she’d introduced herself to everyone, made a positive connection with staff and team mates and she brings great energy in all she does.  She’s confident in herself and is so positive while keeping high standards of herself and those around her.  That’s the exact profile you’d draw up of a leader and Kori has the perfect mentality!”

“Ashley is one of the happiest people you’ll ever meet!  On the field she’s got a smile on her face the whole time and just lifts everyone around her.  A player with her talent would usually be more self-centered but she has a genuine care for those around her and when that level of ability meets that level of humility… you know you’ve got a very special person.  She’s a player you want as a captain for sure!”

Kori and Ashley are great examples in so many ways and in our inaugural year we’ve very thankful to have them both on board!  We asked them several questions to get to know them more:

Growing up in Cleveland, how would you describe the Cleveland culture to someone?
KC – Much more than just a city. The community has so much heart and passion. The pride that people from Cleveland have is so great and being able to say that you are part of such a place is so special. People are so friendly and always willing to offer a helping hand. It is a community that I have always been proud to say I am a part of and I will be a part of again after graduating from college.
AM – The culture of Cleveland is special. People are passionate about the city and their sports. They are also hardworking, blue collared, and diverse. It is a unique place that I am proud to grow up in and to call home.

Your journey in soccer has taken you to the national level.  Having passed through every stage, what advice would you give to a young girl starting out?
KC – The advice I would give is that you never know when your opportunity will come. The most that you can do as a player is to work hard, stay fit, and strive to be the best at what sets you apart from the pack. Although it is very important to improve your weaknesses, playing to your strengths and knowing what you are good at as a soccer athlete will help guide you in a good path.
AM – Dream big, work hard and if you want to play at the next level you need to be committed to your sport and want to work on your own. Never be satisfied…

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?
KC – As a soccer Player I would have to say the biggest challenge was getting injured my freshman year of high school. It was a challenging recovery, especially for myself who was always active throughout my whole life.
AM – The biggest challenge I have had to overcome during my soccer career was being cut from the U17 World Cup Roster. It was the last training camp right before they named the roster for the World Cup Qualifiers and I was one of two people to be cut.

What things would you attribute your success to?
KC – I would attribute most of it to my family and all of the support I have received throughout my career from them. My mother especially for all the time she spent helping me to be the best me every day and always being by my side through the victories and the losses.
AM – I would attribute my success to my family. My dad, for always being the person to push me to be my best, my mom for her everlasting support and my sister for being a great role model a little sister could ask for. I also attribute my success to my love for the game.

What is your best memory as a youth player?
KC – My first call up to the U15 national team was pretty special.
AM – Two great memories I have from my youth are winning the state championship in high school my senior year and taking a PK to win State Cup as a U13.

Playing at the highest level of collegiate soccer, what was most important thing you learned?
KC – I would say that there is always something new you can learn and that knowing how to play with different teammates is an important ability to have. If you are the best player but cannot mesh well with your team mates then you will not be successful as a team. Also, having versatility to understand every position on the field makes you into a better all around player. you may not be needed in a position you have played for the majority of your career but if you are coachable, you will find minutes playing in other positions the team may need at any given time.
AM – The most important thing I have learned from playing at the highest collegiate level is discipline. Not many people understand what it takes to be a student-athlete until you are actually there. You learn things like time management, overcoming adversity, leading as well as following, and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Why return to Cleveland to play?
KC – Coming back to Cleveland just seems right. It is a window of opportunity to start something big in a place that is more than just a city. Playing the sport I love, in front of the family I love, in a town I grew up and love just makes sense.
AM – I am returning to Cleveland because it is home. Playing with girls who I grew up playing against and now coming back after college to play together is remarkable. There is so much talent that comes from this area and it only makes sense that the WPSL has a team represent Cleveland.

What are you most looking forward to for the summer WPSL season?
KC – I’m excited to see the turnouts to games and the community atmosphere that is created around this team. I think with every new start there is always some hesitation for how the season will turn out but I believe we will have a lot of success and I am looking forward to seeing the players combine together over a short 3 months.
AM – Competing for my city.